Sunday, September 7, 2014

Steps to Create Supplier, Supplier Site and Supplier Banks : Oracle EBS R12

Below are the steps to create Supplier and related sites and banks in Oracle EBS R12

1) Choose the responsibility “Purchasing Super User”. Navigate to “Suppliers” window using the path “Supply Base -> Suppliers”.

2) Enter the supplier name in the “Create Supplier” window. Press on the “Apply” button.

3) To create a supplier site, an “Address” should be created first.

 Click on the “Address Book” in the “Suppliers” window to navigate to the address creation window.

 Click on the “Create” button to create the “Address”.

 Enter the address details and click on “Continue” button.

 Associate the “Address Sites” with the necessary operating units. Click on the “Apply” button. Supplier site is now created for the supplier as shown in the below screen shot.

 4) Create contacts for the supplier site.

 Click on the “Contact Directory” in the Suppliers window.

 Click on the “Create” button.

 Enter the contact details as shown in the above screen shot. Associate the supplier site with the contact in the “Addresses For the Contact” section. Click on the “Apply” button.

 Contact is created as shown in the above screen shot.

5) Create or associate bank accounts to the supplier site.

 Click on “Banking Details” in the Suppliers window.

 Select the level at which you want to create or associate the bank for the supplier. We are choosing to create the bank account at the supplier site level. Click on the “Create” button.

 Select the Country, Bank and Bank Branch as shown in the above screen shot.

 Enter the bank account details and press on “Apply” button.

 Bank account is created for the supplier site.



  2. &ERROR occurred in &CALLING_SEQUENCE with parameters (&PARAMETERS) while performing the following operation: &DEBUG_INFO ORA-20001: in Package AP_VENDOR_PUB_PKG Procedure Create_Vendor

  3. Can you share the screenshot. Is it from the Front end or from the API

  4. Can you share how to create Parent/Child Supplier and Factoring Supplier?

  5. Is the vendor created at the Business group level or at the operating unit only.