Saturday, September 6, 2014

Steps to Pay Invoices using Payment Batch : Oracle EBS R12

With R12 the payment process is streamlined to provide a robust and easy payment experience. Using a single window you can select, build , format and view the invoices paid.

Below are the step to pay an invoice through the Payment Process Manager .
For Backend table view please refer to : Backend View : AP Invoices to Payment

1) Choose the responsibility “Payables Super User”. Navigate to the “Payments Manager” window using the path “Payments => Entry => Payments Manager”. Click on the “Submit Single Payment Process Request” link to create a “Payment Process Request”.

2) Create the “Payment Process Request” and enter a value for the field “Payment Process Request Name”.

 3) Enter mandatory values which are marked as (*) and optionally entire the remaining criteria.
   This is a selection criterion for the invoices to get picked for the payment process.

Scheduled Payment Selection Criteria 

Payment Attributes

User Rates Processing


Validation Failure Results

Additional Information 

Click on the “Submit” button to submit the “Payment Process Request”.

 4) The “Payment Process Request Program” will run and keep the invoices for review if everything         looks fine.

Click on the “Start Action” button to view the selected invoices for review

Click on the “Submit” button. “Build Payments” program is submitted to build the payments based on the selected invoices/scheduled payments.

5) Refresh the “Payment Process Request”.

Click on the “Start Action” button to view the “Payments” that have been created in the “Payment Batch”.

6) Select “Run Payments Process” as the action and click on “Go” button.
The “Payments” will be formatted (i.e. the Check is created) and “Payment Instruction” is created. Go to the “Payments Manager” page and click on the “Payment Instructions” tab. Query for the “Payment Instruction”.

 Next step is to print the check. Click on the “Take Action” button.


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