Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Customer Conversion/Interface Techniques in Oracle EBS R12

These 3 methods can all be used to create customer records. Following are some considerations to help you decide which method to use:

Customer Interface:

If you want to create accounts and the volume is data is high, then it is better to use Customer Interface program. These would be more optimal for bulk processing than the row by row TCA APIs. It also creates the Party records as by-product.


TCA APIs are the best if you want to process a smaller volume of data. TCA APIs are designed for performing row by row operations as if you were entering data into the Customer form. They are not designed for bulk loading of data.
TCA APIs do not scale well for large volumes of data as they consume a lot of CPU time by inserting records into related tables one at a time, see Bug 4724425 TCA APIS BURNING CPU TIME BY RUNNING HUGE NUMBER OF DECODE STATEMENTS

Bulk Import:

The Bulk Import only creates Parties, not Accounts. So, if you use Bulk Import, you still need to create Accounts via TCA APIs if accounts are needed as well.


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