Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mandatory Column For GL_Interface

Column Purpose
SEGMENT1 through SEGMENT30 Identifies the Accounting Flexfield segment values of the journal
CODE_COMBINATION_ID Is used as an alternative to the SEGMENT values
ACTUAL_FLAG A for actual amounts
REFERENCE1 Used to create a journal batch name of the format REFERENCE1Request IDActual FlagGroup ID
REFERENCE4 Used to format the journal-entry name
ACCOUNTED_DR A debit amount
ACCOUNTED_CR A credit amount
ACCOUNTING_DATE Determines in which accounting period the journal appears
STATUS The value NEW
LEDGER_ID Determines in which ledger the journal appears
USER_JE_SOURCE_NAME Determines which source the journal has
USER_JE_CATEGORY_NAME Determines which category the journal has
CURRENCY_CODE Determines which currency the journal has


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