Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oracle Pricing Setup : Modifiers In Oracle Apps

Modifiers enable you to set up discounts,surcharges,free goods,coupons,freight and special charges that can be applied immediately to pricing requests or accrued for later disbursement. You can setup advanced deals and promotions as well

The following list describes the main modifier concepts and related entities:
• Modifier lists contain one or more modifiers. Modifiers have list level and line level components. Each list level must have one or more lines associated with it.
• By defining qualifiers at the list and line levels, you define a customer's eligibility for the modifier.
• Control features that influence modifiers are products and product groups, pricing attributes, phases, incompatibility groups, levels, and buckets.
• The use of modifiers can result in volume breaks, additional buy/get products, and benefits.

Go to : Oracle Pricing Manager Responsibility 

Navigate to Modifier Setup 

Populate all Mandatory Fields

Mandatory Fields are below :

  • Type : Deal, Discount List, Freight, Promotion and Surcharge List
  • Name : Unique Modifier Identifier
  • Number : Unique Modifier Identifier
  • Modifier Number : Unique Modifier Identifier
  • Level  : Order/Line
  • Modifier Type : Discount/Surcharge
  • Pricing Phase :  Header or Line Adjustment
  • Application Method : This Can be Percent, Lump sum



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