Friday, August 29, 2014

Oracle Pricing Setup : Qualifiers In Oracle Apps

Qualifiers in Oracle Pricing are used to determine the eligibility criteria for the modifiers (Discounts, Surcharge and Promotion) to get applied. Qualifiers are used in sync with Price Lists and Modifiers
Qualifiers can be set according to the business needs. Oracle also defines predefined set for Qualifiers.
The following table displays several predefined qualifier structures that you can use to determine benefit eligibility.

Qualifier Context
Qualifier Attributes
Customer Name, Bill To, Sales Channel
Order Type, Shipment Date, Line Type
Payment Term, Freight Terms, Shipping Method
Order Amount, Line Volume
Note: Order Amount as a qualifier refers to the sum of the list prices on all active order lines. It is not the same as Order Total in Oracle Order Management, which can include the effect of modifiers. Order amount also excludes lines for recurring charges. Order lines that have a charge periodicity associated (such as Monthly, Yearly) are recurring charges.

Creating Qualifiers
A qualifier consists of one or more conditions that define eligibility for a discount, promotion, or surcharge). You can create qualifiers and assign qualifier groups to modifiers lists, modifier lines, and price lists. You can create different qualifying conditions depending on how you set up your qualifiers. The different qualifying rules are outlined as follows:

Qualifier Conditions
A qualifier condition defines an eligibility rule, for example, the Order Source name must be “Legacy”. You can set up one or more conditions for a single qualifier. Multiple conditions within the same qualifier are joined to each other by AND:
Condition 1: Order Source must be “Legacy”
Condition 2: Order Type must be “Standard”  AND
Condition 3: Payment term must be “Net”

Unique Qualifiers
Each separate qualifier created for a modifier or price list is called a unique qualifier. Unique qualifiers are evaluated by an OR condition; for example, either Qualifier 1 OR Qualifier 2 can qualify before the price list or modifier is applied.
Each unique qualifier may consist of one or more conditions. The conditions for each unique qualifier are still joined by AND and must evaluate as true before the modifier or price list is applied:
Qualifier 1
Order Source= Legacy
AND (Within Qualifier 1, these conditions are ANDed together.)
Order Type = Standard
Qualifier 2 : Payment Term = Net 30
Common Qualifier
A Common Qualifier is used to create a mandatory condition across all qualifiers. A common qualifier consists of conditions that are joined by AND to all qualifiers in a table. When created, it displays on the qualifier table as a Common Qualifier.
Select the Common Qualifier box to make the qualifier a common qualifier.
For example, suppose you wanted to give a 15percent discount with the following qualifying conditions.
Qualifier 1: Customer is preferred status.
Qualifier 2: Customers must order more than $500from your web site.

Responsibility : Oracle Pricing Manager 

Qualifier Setup


 Enter Mandatory Values

  • Name
  • Context
  • Attribute
  • Operator
  • Value




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