Monday, October 6, 2014

Buckets in Oracle Pricing Modifiers


Pricing buckets control how discounts and other benefits are calculated across phases. Grouping discounts and benefits into buckets helps determine the net selling price across all pricing phases.
Null Bucket.

Modifiers that are assigned to a Null bucket are applied last and always adjust from the list price. Order level modifiers must be in the Null bucket. The pricing engine uses the following steps when calculating the selling price for Null buckets:

  1. Calculates percent discounts using the list price.
  2. Sums all bucket modifier values to create a bucket subtotal.
  3. Applies the subtotal after the last numbered bucket.

Suppose that the following buckets are set up, each with a different adjustment:

  • Null bucket: a 50% discount is assigned to the Null bucket.
  • Bucket 1: a 10% discount is assigned.
  • Bucket 2: a 10% surcharge is assigned.

The buckets are used to calculate the price for an SP ATO Model with a list price of $55. The following table shows how the final price is calculated:

The below are the steps to assign modifiers to different buckets in Oracle Apps R12.

Update Profile Option

Goto:  System Administrator -> Profile Options

Name: QP: Allow Buckets For Manual Modifiers
Value: Yes

Update Pricing Modifier Setup to add buckets

Modifier Name: One-Time Discount

Bucket: 4

Once the buckets are assigned, the modifiers are applied on the priority basis.


  1. Nice post!got to know some new things about Null-buckets.